Seattle Sutton's Healthy Eating creates meals that not only help customers lose weight through sensible calorie management but also learn the basics of healthy eating through portion control and incorporating fresh, clean ingredients into their diets. Seattle Sutton's Healthy Eating is the answer to your healthy eating challenges. We provide freshly prepared meals that include fresh fruit, vegetables and salad. SSHE meals are available in all 50 United States and can be delivered right to your door. The plan is calorie and portion controlled. Meals are low in cholesterol (under 200mg), low in fat (less than 25% of total calories) and are sodium restricted (under 1500 mg). Meals contain zero trans fats, no hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils, no HFCF (high fructose corn syrup), no artificial sweeteners, no food dyes and no harmful additives or preservatives. Each meal comes individually packaged and includes the ingredient label and nutritional fact panel. Meals are set on a 5 week menu rotation, offering 21 different meals each week, and 105 different meals over the 5 week period. There are no gimmicks, contracts or sign-up fees. At SSHE we make healthy eating easy and convenient. Visit SeattleSutton.com or call 1 (800)-442-DIET (3438) for more information!