Giving Buyers a great value, deal or bargain is a priority for Bingading.com! Shoppers are flocking to Amazon, Wal-Mart, and other online retailers. Big box stores are popular. Our prices will meet or beat them on almost all of our items. Our products range from Home Decor, Snacks, Toys, Common and hard to find Batteries—you name it! We've got the items customers want and need. Fundraising Program At Bingading.com we offer organizations in our community an online fundraising program to help raise money to fit their needs. HOW IT WORKS: After a simple online set up from one of our employees, your organization will be assigned a unique URL for which people who are supporting you will shop under. You will receive a percentage of each order placed under your organizations URL. Simply share your organizations URL via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Text Messages, Email, etc.. to promote your fundraiser and for them to click on and take them right to your organizations online store to purchase.You will have access to your own portal for access to asset and keep track of your organizations earnings. Payments are mailed to you on the 10th of each month. We carry hundreds of items to suit all kinds of customers. From good tasting snacks such as cookies, candy and beef sticks, to pet toys, candles, phone accessories and more! Our products are used and needed by your customers on a regular basis. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: We often hear this; "it's a fundraiser so people will pay more". We want your customers to not overpay but in fact get a great deal. They can help you and not be penalized by paying more. All purchases come with a satisfaction guarantee.